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Cancer xoxairykaxoxOffline

I arrived in the country with clothing, US dollars and a jar of gypsy tears to protect me from AIDS.
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Name : Erica
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 23 / Female
Location : bangkok, Ireland
Member Since: : April 17, 2006
Last Online: : February 2, 2009
Profile views: : 3,490
updated: aug 15, 07most recent pics
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New photo

Blue eyes
Loves to laugh
Will lie if she has to
Doesn't care what you think
Make up
Step up
Corner store (minus the old men)
Being called a Lady

The Friends

Deborah is my longest friend. We have been friends since we were four. I think the only reason we are still friends is because we don't go to the same school.Its amazing how you can basicaly be raised with some one but be totally different. She makes me laugh with her stupidity.

and then there's Sammie <-3
Sam is very sexy but thats not why we are friends... it's just a plus [wink]. Shes there when i need her and I trust that she will be forever. We drifted this past couple months but thats changing now [YAY!]. We always have good times, luckily they are undocumented...
Cell phone bills
Not being heard
When the internet doesn't work
People hanging up on me
Being broke

I don't know who you think I am (4x)

You been gone since three thirty
And coming home lately at three thirty
I'm super cool
I've been a fool
But now I'm hot
And baby you gon' get it
Now I ain't tripping (ha)
I ain't twisted (ha)
I ain't demented (ha)
Well just a lil bit (ha)
I'm kicking ass
I'm taking names
I'm on flame
Don't come home babe

I'm breaking dishes,
Up in here
All Night (uh-huh)
I ain't go stop until I see police lights (uh-huh)
I'm a fight a man tonight
I'm a fight a man tonight
I'm a fight a man
A man, a man, a m-a-n
A man, a man, a m-a-n

I'm still waiting
Come through the door
I'm killing time
You know bleaching your clothes
I'm roasting marshmallows on the fire

And what I'm burning is your attire
I'm getting restless
I'm getting tested
And I can't believe he's always out every night
And never checks in
Is he cheating
Man I don't know
I'm looking 'round for something else to throw


I don't know who you think I am (I am, I am...)
But I really don't give a damn right now
An if you don't come
Imma huff and puff and
Blow this, blow this (oh)
Blow this, blow this
Imma blow this, blow this (oh)
Blow this, blow this
Imma blow this, blow this (oh)
Blow this house, house down
Dishes breaking, dishes breaking, dishes


A man, a man, a m-a-n
A man, a man, a m-a-n

Breaking, breaking, breaking....
Dishes Dishes Dishes....

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Style : Dork
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