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Sarah_'s Comments
yarp yarp Jan 31, 7:10 am
darkstar28 Jan 24, 1:32 am
i see u creepin my page lmfao hows it going gorgeous?
Jedi_minD_trick Jan 24, 1:23 am
so i think your really beautiful so i had to give you tens!!
MrChase MrChase Jan 2, 6:11 pm
Happy New Year Sarah
KDWilliams Dec 31, 12:03 am
You do realize how much I despise you calling me that, right?
superpoon Dec 30, 9:52 pm
yarp yarp Dec 30, 9:44 pm
No. You're LIKE a boss. I'm the boss. Sucka.
yarp yarp Dec 30, 9:34 pm
Watching CSI all day is NOT babysitting.

Sarah_'s reply:
Ya wellllll. Im a boss.
yarp yarp Dec 30, 9:25 pm
You just like finding semen on everything.

Sarah_'s reply:
Something like that. Been babysitting all day too.
yarp yarp Dec 30, 9:22 pm

Sarah_'s reply:
Man. Been watching csi all day. Can't get enough.
alux alux Dec 30, 8:55 pm
alux alux Dec 30, 8:40 pm
I'm alright and you?

Sarah_'s reply:
I can't complain. Been busy and all that jazz.
yarp yarp Dec 30, 8:39 pm
I don't want to.

Sarah_'s reply:
Fine. Be that way.
alux alux Dec 30, 8:36 pm

Sarah_'s reply:
How are you, Alex?
alux alux Dec 30, 8:33 pm
as always

Sarah_'s reply:
You're so good.
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