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DublinHarp's Comments
diamond_eyes diamond_eyes Aug 18, 9:28 am
I rejoined in may I was on here a couple years back but this is my new account
diamond_eyes diamond_eyes Aug 14, 5:37 am
Hii ;)

DublinHarp's reply:
Hey there. ;) I don't remember every seeing you on here before. Did you just join?
x0-username-0x x0-username-0x Aug 13, 10:20 am
cutie got my ten
VietChinNoodles VietChinNoodles Aug 11, 8:38 am
Now, that its been over a month since my last comment. loool I love working with my residents , but to be quite honest i hate the med pushing aspect of nursing home nursing, drives me crazy, what i really want is to work in surgery or emerg where all the action is. =)
VietChinNoodles VietChinNoodles Jun 21, 11:10 pm
Well we are in a middle of a nasty heat wave and ugh its like taking 3 cold showers doesn't help. I work at a retirement home as a nurse =)

DublinHarp's reply:
So, have things cooled down since your last message? :) I work at a machine shop as an account manager. It's terribly boring, but my customer is GE Aftermarket, so I'm marking decent money.

I used to work at a nursing home as a server, actually. How do you like it? I always loved all the awesome stories the residents had to tell.
VietChinNoodles VietChinNoodles Jun 9, 9:55 am
I am fantabulous thank you, the weather is gorgeous but the only crappy thing is, i am working evening shifts all weekend =( whaaaaa loool

DublinHarp's reply:
That must have sucked. :/ Sadly, it's pouring here right now as well. Like it has been for THREE WEEKS.
So, where do you work? (And I mean that in a totally non-stalkerish way... lol)
VietChinNoodles VietChinNoodles May 23, 12:09 am
[wave] how are you?

DublinHarp's reply:
Pretty good. So glad it's the weekend. How are you? :)
SaraMaureen SaraMaureen May 18, 12:30 pm
lol I love my blender.
NanananaBatman May 16, 12:30 am
Thnks for the comment lol, I just posted another pic of the ball about a week ago lol
rick-ross rick-ross May 10, 11:30 pm
LOL didn't think of it that way. i love yoga, do it every day.

DublinHarp's reply:
Well now I sound like a perv. Damn... lol That's awesome though. Are you currently, or is something else on the agenda tonight? haha
Bombdiggity Bombdiggity Apr 16, 1:32 pm
I'm trying to be a comedian, whatcha think

DublinHarp's reply:
I think you could pull it off, you're really witty. I also just saw a post on one of the forums here that makes me think you could be a model as well, so take your pick. haha
Kasia Kasia Apr 15, 8:05 am
LMAO!! I soooo agree with you. He isn't someone I would wanna be recognized like either. True story!
Bombdiggity Bombdiggity Apr 15, 1:28 am
lol i find it comical

DublinHarp's reply:
So did I. lol Thanks for the comic relief. They must skip right over the picture of you and your boyfriend or something. One track mind, I suppose. ;)
Kasia Kasia Mar 30, 8:14 am
I guess so if you like to look like a celebrity haha

DublinHarp's reply:
I guess it depends on the celebrity. I would not want to look like that bearded guy from The Hangover. lol
Kasia Kasia Mar 23, 12:41 am
P.s: You kinda remind me of Mathew Lillard. haha

DublinHarp's reply:
Ya know, that's not the first time someone has said that to me. lol Is that a good thing?
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