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ChrisStuffHer's Comments
Maras May 1, 5:18 am
nice hair

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
Thanks, nice pics gave ya a 10.
wtfsauce wtfsauce Oct 13, 6:10 pm
entirely way too much of a hassle. loll

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
knock knock! [tongue]
wtfsauce wtfsauce Oct 8, 12:41 am
good wisdom comes cheap ;o

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
But a wise man says little and keeps to himself...

So what kind of cost is that to try and get him to open up and share? LoL [nananana]
wtfsauce wtfsauce Oct 5, 3:52 am
Yes, duct tape is silver :P

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
LoL! Awesome, I found mine at a Goodwill. >_>
Katie_Baby Sep 30, 12:11 pm
My weekend was uneventful.
Katie_Baby Sep 27, 9:32 am
It's okay. How are you? TGIF!

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
Pretty good, just been laid back relaxing today. HBU?
Katie_Baby Sep 25, 3:14 pm
Yea, I just relaxed on Monday, too. Been battling a migraine for 11 days.

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
Ohh yea that sucks, sorry to hear that...
Katie_Baby Sep 24, 10:27 am
EXACTLY! [wink]

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
LoL!! I didn't do hardly anything monday except wake up early, stay up a lil then go back to sleep and wake up again once and for all. [nananana] My mondays are easy! [bigsmile]
Katie_Baby Sep 24, 10:25 am
Lol, you're silly.

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
What did monday ever do to you except make you wake up early and go into work hung over? LoL [tongue]
Katie_Baby Sep 24, 9:57 am
To wish you a happy Monday, lol. To hope you had a good one. I personally hate Mondays.

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
I don't have a problem with any days of the week... LoL
Katie_Baby Sep 24, 9:53 am
Not Mondays. [no]

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
LIAR!!! Yesterday you said happy monday... Now didn't ya? LoL
Katie_Baby Sep 24, 9:50 am
Happy Tuesday, now ;)

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
Everyday of the week is a happy day fool!! [nananana]
Katie_Baby Sep 23, 9:58 am
Happy Monday!!

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
LoL! Thanks.
Katie_Baby Sep 17, 9:12 am
How are you doing today?

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
Pretty good, bout to head to bed now though and call it a day after a laid back easy day of work.
Katie_Baby Sep 13, 10:18 am
Sorry to hear that you ran into some troubles. I hope things work out!

ChrisStuffHer's reply:
Welp as ya already know, things have already picked back up. LoL
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