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Name : Sammi
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 26 / Female
Location : Atlanta, Georgia
Member Since: : September 16, 2004
Last Online: : May 27, 2005
Profile views: : 497
updated: may 4, 05most recent pics
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I'm Sammi.
Open-minded people. Art. Poetry. Reading. Nature. Hips. Photography.
Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Beau Sia, Thom Yorke, Robert Smith, Billy Corgan.
Liars, cheaters, trends, labels, jerks.
People who think they're better than everyone else & people who are conceited.
The Agony Scene. Ed Gein. Daughters. The Red Chord. The Blood Brothers. Find Him and Kill Him. The Suicide File. Comeback Kid. Carry on. First Blood. Agnostic Front. Miles Between Us. With Honor. CASEY JONES. Blood for Blood. Champion. The Locust. Tsunami Bomb. The Format. The Bled. Every Time I Die. Killswitch Engage. Circle Takes the Square. Converge. Saila. Saosin. Saetia. Between The Buried And Me. Bury Your Dead. The Smiths. Neutral Milk Hotel. The Pixies. Le Tigre. Hopesfall. Bleeding Through. Hatebreed. Eighteen Visions. Suicidal Tendencies. The Black Dahlia Muder. The Blood Brothers. The Faint. The Beatles. Deftones. Desaparecidos. Cauterize. Flogging Molly. From Autumn to Ashes. Glassjaw. Grateful Dead. Norma Jean.. Mars Volta. My Chemical Romance. Mewithoutyou. Radiohead. Remembering Never. Sunny Day Real Estate. Smashing Pumpkins. The Cure. The Clash. Eric Clapton. Velvet Underground. The Postal Service.
Yes, I love music.
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Sexuality : Heterosexual
Style : Emo Kid
Drinker : No
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