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Sagittarius superpoonOffline

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Name : n/a
Age / Sex : 30 / Male
Location : Ontario
Member Since: : July 31, 2010
Last Online: : June 23, 2014
Profile views: : 857
updated: jul 14, 11most recent pics
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Krizteena's pic
8 months agoKrizteena
Poon man.
Katie_Baby's pic
10 months agoKatie_Baby
I remember you.
superpoon's reply:
oh, sweet
1 year agoPail
I drove by Beiseker last weekend and I broke out in complete uncontrollable laughter.
_tigerlily's pic
1 year ago_tigerlily
buggggggggggg <-3
Macroprosopus's pic
2 years agoMacroprosopus
2 years agoDanitall
And ding dongs motha fucka!
Sarah_'s pic
2 years agoSarah_
the pain was so bad!
superficiality's pic
2 years agosuperficiality
I'm thirsty.
superpoon's reply:
quite the predicament
Sarah_'s pic
2 years agoSarah_
guys, stop talking to my Adam.

KeefAlmighty's pic
2 years agoKeefAlmighty
ess emm pee reunion!
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