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Pisces psykoletteOffline

i'd love to stay and chat, but your a total bitch.
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Name : heather
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 31 / Female
Location : harrison, Michigan
Member Since: : January 2, 2005
Last Online: : November 7, 2012
Profile views: : 758
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~~i am who i am...if you dont like me thats your problem...i am for the most part easy to get along a hopeless romantic(as if anyone cares)...i've had a real change in the way i see things and how i react and act towards people...i dont hold grudges, i forgive anyone that i have fought with in the past...fighting and name calling i now know is just dumb and childish...i have a real sense of where im going and im proud to say im in college with a 3.5 gpa...and no im not a nerd, im just that damn good~~
~~spikes, collars, pain,biting, piercings, tattoos,guys who wear make-up, eyeliner, juggalos and juggalettes, being tied up, goths, pretty b oys, rough sex, nails, boots, choke collars, spikes, school girl skirts, colored hair, eyes, smiles,chains,etc.~~
~~LIARS!!!!, bad dressers, concieted people, and people who think they are the world, superficial people, and people who chew with their mouth open and talk with food in their mouth, smelly people, not showering, feet, people who judge others by looks,concieted people, cheerleaders, preppy people, jocks, jerks, bad hair,non-open minded people, haters, players,bad breath, people who think they can treat me like shit and walk all over me, etc....~~
~~Panic! at the disco, she wants revenge, fall out boy,avenged sevenfold,pussy cat dolls,icp,twiztid,michael jackson,jet,finger eleven, slipknot, manson,green jello,orgy,o-tep,ill nino, mushroomhead,hed pe, msi, the offspring, cky, H.I.M, rammstein,alien ant farm, bloodhound gang, dope, godhead,deftones,nickelback, stone temple pilots, methods of mayhem, sister machine gun, my chemical romance, crossfade, stonesour, queens of the stoneage, foo fighters, red hot chili peppers, nine inch nails, saliva, 311, 3 days grace, blink 182,seether, velvet revolver, aerosmith, motley crue, posion, green day, blind melon, nirvana, bush, no doubt, queen, chevelle, fefe dobson, beastie boys, the prodigy,joan jett, pat benatar, metallica, ozzy, the killers, korn, breaking benjamin, limp bizkit, linkin park, 3 doors down, trapt, crazytown, sugar ray, staind, evanesence, haggard, turbo negro,simple plan, kiss, and im sure theres more...~~
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Sexuality : Bisexual
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Style : Freak
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