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be you, no one else but you
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Name : Crystal
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 23 / Female
Location : Hometown, Illinois
Member Since: : July 27, 2006
Last Online: : June 30, 2012
Profile views: : 4,735
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Hey Guess what?????... I DONT CARE WHAT YOU THINK OF ME!!!

Hey, I am Crystal.. i am 18 years old and i live on the southwest side of Chicago in the suburbs... i dont know what to tell you so ill just tell you some facts about me....

btw... dont ask for a sign... if i love you... duhh ill make you one!!! kthnxbye.

<-3 AiM <-3

<-3<-3 MySpAcE <-3<-3

<-3 YaHoO<-3

<-3 MsN<-3

I am a .....

FIRST OFF... to all mi haters
I know im beautiful... you dont have to waste ur time hating...
no matter what you say... my opinion of myself wont change

i have 2 cats (Gizmo & Kitty,)
i have an older brother (eww)
i am very spoiled
i live with my grandma
i hate my parents with a passion
my biggest fear is go grow old alone
i dont think i am attractive at all... most of the time
i dont have a boyfriend
I'm A Smoker. (if you have something to say bout it prepare for me 2 bitch)
i hate spending money
i hate my handwriting
i have a fear of kangaroos
i cant spell for shit
my favorite color is dark purple
i think velvet is soooo pretty
i sing
i Have My Ears & Tongue Pierced
i have a tattoo of a pretty rose on my right ankle, a hatchet man on my right wrist, and a musical staff on mi back
i cant sleep in the complete dark
i am very afraid of the dark
i sleep with my blinds open so i know if ne one is looking in
I Am NOT A Morning Person. At All
i love staying up all night and talking on the fone
My Favorite Number Is Eighteen.
I Have TERRIBLE Memory.
I have drank numerous times, and was BLASTED on my 16th b day
i drank one of my good friends who thought he was hot shit under the table =D
My Biggest Pet Peeve Is When People Tell Me What.To.Do.
I hate when people dont include me in things because i am "too young."
I am VERY mature for my age
When i was young i had to grow up really quickly
I have issues trusting people.
id do anything for a good friend
i cry when i see someone crying
i cry during sad movies..
i think country, and european accents are cute, accept the french one
im iTaLiAn.. =D
I speak french

WARNING!!!!:OK now first off let me explain something to you dumbass people who think that you will get into my pants because I don't wanna have to explain to people a billion and a half times that 1) I'm not in this for someone harassing me constantly cuz they are annoying and cant get any and 2) You're not gonna get laid! So please guys...lay off unless you actually have a brain and wanna talk about something other then sex. [bigsmile] [bigsmile] [bigsmile] [bigsmile] [bigsmile]

my likes...

*<-3My Car<-3*

*chillaxin wif mi friends*
*i still love slumber parties with friends!!*
*tha mall!!!*
*my friends*
*fast food!!!! (lmao!)*
*cars *
*watching sports*
*i actually do enjoy playing volleyball*
*guys/girls who see you for you and not what you look like.*
*anything that will give me a good laugh*
*i am spontanious and crazy so ill try anything once*



i DONT like......

*people who judge u just by what you look like*
*people who think that their the shit when they arent*
*people who make fun of the things i like (ie ICP or psychopathic records)*
*emo people cuz thats just dumb*
*preps cuz they tend to be scared of me and my crew =D heh heh*
*when i offer things and people dont take them*
*people who put themselves down*
*fukkin girls who call themselves fat... when they are a twig*
*people who have the audasity to call someone ugly.. when they are the ugli one*
*people who fukkin smell*
*my brother's girlfriend (or my brother for that matter)*
*people who are 2 faced*
*people who talk shit behind ya back and then act like ya kool 2 ya face*
*people who judge me before they know me*
*people who judge me by what my brother has done*
*when people take parents for granted*



i like.....
*gospel (lmao!)
*sum emo is... okay.. i suppose...
*even country is ok

Some bands i like are...

*Marilyn Manson!
*System Of A Down
*Avenged Sevenfold
*Kotton Mouth Kings
*Good Charlotte =P
*Missy Elliot
*Thirdeye Blind
*3 Doors Down
*Papa Roach
*Limp biscut
*Lincoln Park
*In Flames

Ill add more later :D

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