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the only man that deserve u is the man that doesnt think he does
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Name : Amanda
Love Status: : Engaged
Age / Sex : 23 / Female
Location : ottawa, Ontario
Member Since: : October 14, 2005
Last Online: : May 21, 2014
Profile views: : 6,990
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My Name is Amanda I got light brownish purple hair haha I got hazel eyes.. im like 5ft 9-10.. I am averge weight like u see in my pictures I am pretty... [hyper] [roflmao]and if u do past by plz vote and right somthing about my pics let me know :D
pirced;; xx15:)
tatto;; xx4:)
I like to go out and explore the world since life can be short for some.;; I love my friends I keep them close to my heart;; Yes I love my family;; I like going out to the bars unless I pass out outside lol then I hate them for giving me so much alcohol hehe but im a nice person who loves pretty much anything and anyone:) and if yu get to know me thats one thing you'll see is I do not juge by the apparence but from whats inside:) [blablah] [scared]I love writting poems and I love 2 listen 2 music when im sad:( lol [wah]... and I LOVE TO SING AND DRAW<3 [band] oh and ovb... [sex] bahahah but come on who doesnt? lmao [tsktsk]
im not a person that doesnt dislike alot of stuff...I dont like people screaming at me and judging me without them knowing me first;; i hate guys if they are unfaithful, not trustful nd guys who cheat on girls frustrates me arg lool and i hate friends who lie arg!! who needs friends who lie? why lie fuck lol when at the end it all blows up in your face:).... [grrr]
my music lmao if u wanna know then ask lol because I just like anything but not screamo even if my cousin is in the band Drillpoint! I cant stand listenin even to them but I do cuz hes my cousin<3 and I love him hehe
fav song is-;;; This is just a dream-carrie underwood
-;;; and In my daugthers eyes - because I always sing it to my mommy and it brings tears to her eyes<3 I love my mommy hehe
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