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Name : Charissa
Love Status: : Engaged
Age / Sex : 26 / Female
Location : Rockmart, Georgia
Member Since: : July 9, 2005
Last Online: : October 20, 2006
Profile views: : 419
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charissa. That is me. yes. hello...umm...Im a juggalette first and foremost, Im a freak, a nerd, I read alot and I have all sorts of other problems. I dont really know what else to say. Umm, I love my mosh, and thats about it...
I like sparkly things. I like juggalos and lettes. I like mosh and mitties. I like books and music, and all sorts of stuff...jmeow...
juggahaters..they suck. I hate...hmm...fleas. they are not nice to my elmo-cat...I HATE SCENTED TOILET PAPER!!!Oh my goh, you do not know my haunts me like no other...the stench of scented toilet paper is, indeed, worse then the scent that it is trying to cover! scented toilet paper...dont use it!! and there really is not much else that i dont like...
ahh, yes...I love psychopathic shit. esham,icp, blaze, abk, twiztid, ...ok, im bored with writing them...they are cool, i love themi like other stuff...what ever the people i am with are listening to, i listen works
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Sexuality : Bisexual
Style : Freak
Drinker : Yes
Smoker : No
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