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Aquarius ilovepopsicklesOffline

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Name : Felicia
Love Status: : In love
Age / Sex : 23 / Female
Location : Springfeild, Illinois
Member Since: : July 5, 2005
Last Online: : July 2, 2006
Profile views: : 1,269
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i dont want to write i biography. gay.

From ilovepopsickles on 7/5/05 9:37 PM
> From snugglebug14 on 7/5/05 9:34 PM
> > hey..dont really talk to you at school or anything but just wanted to say i liked the convo between you and jessi... kinda funny because your right!
> **LAUGH MY ASS OFF. do you mind if i put that on here or sumthing, or no?

haha i really dont care...use to be friends but she is a bitch that like herself (a lot) now...

thats funny. jessi = piss.


i love my juggalo family. im a ninja for life.

i like movies. like.. FINDING NEMO!! pulp fiction, rocky horror picture show, beetle juice, thirteen, meet the fockers, the purple show, BMH, meet the parents, harry potter, pirates of the carribean, edward sissor hands, white chicks, feris bulers day off, harold and kumar, groundhog day, scrooged, amityville horror, eeek alot more. errm, i like video games. well, only the Sims and GTA, hell ya. i like food, weed and cigerettes. i like plastic bead necklaces and candy jewlry.
i like objects that blink such as- i have a blinky binky*aka flash nipple* i also have a blinky crown and its neet. anything that blinks, i like.
i like smoke bombs. those are the shit
<-3FAYGO: rootbeer, moonmist, red pop, peach, cola and cream soda.
yumm i like eating nutty bars when i have the munchies.
strawberry daquris.
UMA THRUMAN. shes so hott! [wee]

i just love my puppy wuppy princess. -actually his name is Brutus but w.e-
hes down with the clown.

yay heres me other puppy, copper!

signs and whutnot. i only have one but i shall get more.

aww Sara is soo caaa-ute!!

yay chloe is sooo purday!!! (*skrinkle*)

this is random, its Mic's permit.

and heres Mic, shes so pretty and cool..
even though i peer pressure her sometimes


i dont like alot of things. i dont like people that much. im an unsocial person unless i like you. i dont like fake people, especially JUGGAHOES. i dont like people that think they know everything about everything and they always have to be right. i really dont like people who say they are gay/bi/lesbian or whutever just to get attention. i hate concited people like *cough cough* umm...i dont like barney anymore, he has a scary face.

i Dislike people that are like OOO 10's. then mysteriously, your ratings go down..hmm..

you shouldnt have sex with somebody enless you are in love<-3
ALL of psychopathic records baby.
i like a little bit of rap now and then but i mostly listen to rock. <-3


Friends: has never seen you cry.
Juggalos: has always had the best shoulder to cry on.
Friends: never asks for anything to eat or drink.
Juggalos: opens the fridge takes out some mutha fuckin
faygo and makes herself/himself at home.
Friends: asks you to write down your number.
Juggalos: they ask you for your number(cauz they can't remember it sometimes)
Friends: borrows your shit for a few days then gives it back.
Juggalos: has a closet full of your shit and its alright.
Friends: only knows a few things about you.
Juggalos: could write a mutha fuckin biography on your life story.
Friends: will leave your ass behind if that is what the crowd is doing.
Juggalos: will always be there with you..

we swing our hatchets and we're proud*
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