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Scorpio gasweetheart04Offline

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Name : Ciara
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 28 / Female
Location : Georgia
Member Since: : December 6, 2004
Last Online: : December 18, 2005
Profile views: : 800
updated: apr 22, 05most recent pics
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Hey Im ciara I was a varsity cheerleader in highschool. I aslo did competitive gymnastics for a long time. I also was on a swim team. I am wild and I love to party!!! I am a freshman in college. i am friendly person to be around and i love to make friends
hott guys
cookie dough
sweet guys but not too sweet
cool people

overweight people.. ( i mean come on you can exercise and they do make lean cuisines)
bad teeth
mean people
people who rate people ones.. noone deserves a one
being bored
linkin park
jay z
tim mcgraw
Good Charlotte
alll kinds of music
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