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Cancer dedlox_juggaloOffline

sup pimp killa watever im a juggalo dont like it oh well i dont think im that good lookin but girls here dont say that
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Name : jesse aka zany 2 smoke
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 22 / Male
Location : benton, Illinois
Member Since: : May 30, 2006
Last Online: : March 1, 2007
Profile views: : 375
updated: aug 1, 06most recent pics
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smoke the bong get retarded
roll me a fattie
jonie likes skiny girls but he never turns down a fatie [sex] [drunk]
oooohh and just for all u curious women out there i dont mean to brag but i got an 8 inch dick u may not believe me but if you lived here you know it
hot girls,hacky sack,icp,twiztid,abk,blaze,esham,marz,skateboarding,hangin out with homies,drinking,getting high sorry its just a thing i was raised around cant stay away from it now parents fault SMOKIN DA MARY JANE SHE NEVER DOES ME WRONG oh AND BEING A JUGGALO IM GLAD IM DIFFERENT FROM EVERYONE ELSE CUZ OF MY AXE [woot] [woot] I LIKE TO FIGHT [box] SO MANY CHIKS HERE WANNA [jerkit] [splat]ME OFF SO BAD IT AINT FUUNY WHEN ME AND MY HOMIES GO AND [whoopass] AROUND THE TOWN OH YA I ALSO LIKE BIG [boobies] AND FOR ALL THE HOT CHIKS ON HERE THAT LIKE ME [hitit]LMFAO JUST KIDING
juffalos,snitches,wiggers,preps,rednecks,eminemJUFFALHOES,stuckup prepy bitches any of them you no what FUCK ALL OF THOSE MAUTHO FAUKOS THEY CAN ALL BURN IN HELLS PIT FOR ALL I FUKIN CARE [countdown] [tantrum] [goingnuts] [grrr] [censored] [banghead]
icp abk(anybody killa) blaze twiztid marz kotton mouth kings bone thugs tech nine DARK LOTUS FAMILY ,south park mexicans, and some others
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Sexuality : Heterosexual
Ethnicity : Hispanic / Latin
Style : Freak
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Smoker : Chain smoker
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