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Leo deadninjaOffline

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Name : Hatchet Warrior
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 28 / Male
Location : kelowna, British Columbia
Member Since: : October 15, 2005
Last Online: : December 11, 2005
Profile views: : 94
updated: oct 16, 05most recent pics
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will shyte i live in canada..i Be Matt i live in kelowna..i have my lip periced 3 timez...1 on each side of my lip "snake bite"..and i got the middle of my bottom lip periced..and i got my eyebrow periced twice soon 2 be 3 timez..itz on my right side..i have 1 tatt on my left arm my hatchet man tatt..soon ill have my contactz..there goin 2 be pitch black and will cover my wholez eyez...yes i am a FREEEEEK and itz grand.....WHUT!!!!!!!!!and i am a SMARTASS and i love being a smartass...
Slushiez..evil dead..evil dead 2"dead by dawn" of turtle turtle cartoonz..chickz with pericingz and dye..big bootz on chickz...Corrsetz..*droool*...fishnetz....SLUSHIEZ..Slushiez..oh yeah did i metion SLUSHIEZ..Working outt...goin 2 the moviez..walkin around at night..pooring down rain..thunder outz..there just grand....hangin out wiht my cuz jordon17 aka gangsta Le green once and awhile...Hockey..kung fu moviez..NINJAZ..Bruse Cambell..that dude is fuckin funny 4 yall dont know him he from the evil dead moviez..VEONM AND CARNAGE THE BEST FUCKING SOOPA VILLIANZ EVER!!!!!!!!..and Spiderman...Vampire Moviez..Warewolf Moviez...and chickz that can keep up with the smartass commentz..thatz just great and funny.....
WIGGERZ!!!!!!! i cant stand the crackerz being "gangstaz"..or even the black ppl or asian ppl ANYBODY tryin 2 act like there gangsta...YALL LAME!!!!!!!!...waking up early..Bad SLUSHIEZ..and pretty much all RAP..
Psychopathic recordz- Insane clown posse..Twiztid..Anybody killa (ABK)..Blaze Ya Dead homie..Dark Lotus..Soopa Villianz..

Zug Izland
Static X
Fear Factory
I pretty much like all metal from just metal 2 the hard core shyte like death metal etc etc...
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Sexuality : Heterosexual
Ethnicity : Native American
Style : Freak
Drinker : Socially
Smoker : No
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Forum title : In the E-womb
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