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Scorpio daniel00Offline

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Name : daniel
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 28 / Male
Location : Mexico city, Mexico
Member Since: : February 28, 2011
Last Online: : March 31, 2013
Profile views: : 322
updated: apr 4, 12most recent pics
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I like to work out and outdoors... my favorite sports are football and tennis. I like reading.. movies. movies is one thingthat i adore and im really into. I like parties aswell, dancing, and stuff. but i can be at home reading or just chilling if nothing is going on or i dont feel like partying. Love traveling too
I would like to meet new people from all around the world. I like to travel, goto diff countries and lear about their cultures

About Me:
Just a normal guy, who loves to travel and playing all kind of sports, specially football and tennis those are my passion, like to go out, parties, dancing, go t othe cinema, and like to meet new people
football (soccer)
Favorite Music:
Oasis, Metallica, The killers, M.I.A., justice, franz ferdinand, Arctic Monkeys, yelle, the fray, electro music, hip hop, Daft punk, etc
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Sexuality : Heterosexual
Ethnicity : Hispanic / Latin
Style : Nerd
Drinker : Socially
Smoker : No
Forum posts : 0
Forum title : In the E-womb
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