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Gemini balticOffline

Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day
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Name : do you care?
Love Status: : Married
Age / Sex : 38 / Male
Location : Where the fuck is, Mayotte
Member Since: : July 14, 2005
Last Online: : November 21, 2008
Profile views: : 12,481
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Thanks for stopping by my profile, though if youíve actually got as far as reading this your probably wondering why you bothered. Donít worry I would be as well.

The first thing you should probably know is that yes, I am as dull as I look, and I have nothing interesting to say, ever. Thatís why I spend hours every day on here, just to put something interesting into my drab existence. You can help that by leaving me a nice comment, though im doubting anyone will actually bother. I like picture comments as well, but im taking it, its to much for anyone to leave those either.

I have no real life thatís why I have to talk to people on the internet, it gives a sense of pride knowing Im the most intelligent person to ever type a thread, in some forum, that probably 2 people might ever read. Its how I get my kicks.

If your still reading I thought Iíd let you know some of my favourite things and what I do in the time im not glued to my pc, watching the world go by, never leaving my house apart from to go to work, where I donít leave my desk for 10 hours. I have a large collection of dead insects, I collect them of the floor and keep them in an old shoe box. I also collect ear wax, which I make candles out of, the wick made out of thread I spin from collected belly button fluff.

I also write poetry but do it in binary code, just to show the beauty of ones and zeros. I also like sculpting famous celebrities from paper clips, my life size Tom Cruise is stunning, though probably the smallest Iíve ever done, though I might have to dismantle it, after receiving threats from the scientologists.

More interesting facts.

I once read a book, but got bored half way through.
I tried to learn klingon, but didnít like the verb structure
I have every episode of Neighbours on video
I saw the spice girls live on tour 4 times and I am a fully paid on member of there fan club
Brussel sprouts is my favourite food
I tried eating spinach, but never got huge muscles like popeye
I can bench press 10lbs though

The fact that theres still over 180 countries in the world that i've not been to.
People that dont listen to the truth and dont open their eyes to what is going on front of there faces.
Right wing biggots
Road Works
Im into a lot of music - most people wont have heard of many but things like the jesus and mary chain, Placebo, the Smiths, Happy Mondays stone roses (the whole Madchester scene really), and some old favourites like the doors, beatles and other 60's stuff.

Del Amitri
Foo Fighters
Happy Mondays
Half Japanese
House of Pain
Jesus and Mary Chain
Jad Fair
New Order
Queens of the Stone Age
Snow Patrol
Stone Roses
Wedding Present
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