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Taurus XxTwiztidXLoXOffline

Im a Juggalo till i Die......Ride Or Die Bitch!
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Name : Jester
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 24 / Male
Location : DeadFord, Michigan
Member Since: : February 23, 2005
Last Online: : January 15, 2007
Profile views: : 755
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My Names Jester and Im a Juggalo from The D...Detroit....but currently live in redford michigan...i smoke cigarettes, smoke weed, drink...Im a fairly easy person to get along with if you get to know me. I have all different types of friends and i love them all....If you wish to know me LoveLostForeverX on A.I.M Or Murderdolls316 On Y.a.h.o.o for more....Check out My Myspace....
I like Rain, Pain, Bondage, chains, pink or black nail polish, dyed hair, piercings, tattoos, cuddleing, kissing in public, laying on the roof looking at stars, making out, pulling hair, roses, candy, sweet whispers, long talks, long walks, romantic stuff...I go for all different types of girls because they all are sexy and unique in their own way so i dont look for one specific type of girl it really doesnt matter to me....
My turn offs are stuck up conceded preppy bitches who care about nothing but their looks and themselves...(hint: NOONE CARES IF U LOOK GOOD OR NOT BE YOURSELF!) and girls that cant accept a guy for who he is...I smoke, drink, do pot...if you cant like me for me and look past my habbits then you dont deserve to be associated woth me for me...dont judge me on my habbits...Girls who dont like me because of my habbits....if you cant accept me for me then we probably wouldnt date....but otherwise stuck up, preppy, self absorbed, all into their looks ppl....dont be afraid not to wear make-up around me or look fine...
Cradle Of Filth
Dark Lotus
Blaze Ya Dead Homie
Psychopathic Rydas
Kottonmouth Kings
Marilyn Manson
Three Days Grace
Lamb of God
A Fire Inside (AFI)
My Chemical Romance
A Perfect Circle
Linkin Park
Mindless Self Indulgence
Lil Wyte
His Infernal Majesty...HIM
Camp Kill Yourself....CKY
And almost anyother types of Music
A lot more but too many to name
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Sexuality : Heterosexual
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Style : Dork
Drinker : Yes
Smoker : Yes
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Forum title : In the E-womb
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