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Name : Jenny
Love Status: : In love
Age / Sex : 25 / Female
Location : Cedar Springs, Michigan
Member Since: : January 24, 2005
Last Online: : March 3, 2009
Profile views: : 577
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well there isnt much to say here...umm my hair is red and randomly changes.. my favorite band is icp..but i do like others.. if you rate me down please state why and i dont rate people down i either give them 10's or dont rate at all..umm yeah thats all i have to say right now
guys that wear make-up, chains and such, blood, skinny guys,barbie hips on guys, music, i love gay guys they are some of the nicest guys in the world!
smoking, preppieness, drugs, muscles, feet...All the guys get most of the sexy guys! its no fair! *stomps foot* hehehe but thats all i cant think of right now
ICP,twiztid,dark lotus, zug izland, acid bath, lamb of god, zeromancer, anit-flag, rancid, green day, nirvana, slipknot, murder dolls, mudvayne, korn, smashing pumpkins, gary jules, the distillers, rob zombie, deadsy, MSI, HIM, dry kill logic, cradle of filth, orgy, marilyn manson, dope, tool, powerman 5000, form autum to ashes, dimmu borgir, cannibal corpse, AFI, misfits, mushroom head, slayer, kittie, fear factory, NIN, morbid angel, pink floyd, pearl jam, six feet under and thats all i can think of right now....
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Sexuality : Heterosexual
Style : Freak
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