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Name : n/a
Love Status: : Engaged
Age / Sex : 25 / Female
Location : United States
Member Since: : September 12, 2011
Last Online: : August 19, 2013
Profile views: : 177
updated: jul 10, 12most recent pics
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bigms89's pic
1 year agobigms89
your most welcome :) how are you ?
1 year agoColourMeCliche
awe thats sweet. Thanks
1 year agoColourMeCliche
awe <3 Thank you ^_^
Layle's reply:
You're super welcome! I just came across your profile and thought she is by far the prettiest girl on this site and you are for sure.
bigms89's pic
1 year agobigms89
your very pretty :) and you have amazing eyes :)
Layle's reply:
Thank you!
justhanginout's pic
2 years agojusthanginout
Oh you're more than welcome. How are you doing
justhanginout's pic
2 years agojusthanginout
pretty eyes
Layle's reply:
Thank you :)
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