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Name : Jeff
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 27 / Male
Location : phoenix, Arizona
Member Since: : March 21, 2005
Last Online: : July 31, 2005
Profile views: : 879
updated: may 4, 05most recent pics
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Current mood: curious about my poem
well i like to have a great time with my homies and friends i love to write poems and write lyrics and go on road trips... i like to travel when i can.... or have the $ too
The beauty Queen

ur so kind
ur beauty makes me go blind
why why do u havta be such a beauty queen

you are an angel of pure beauty
when i look into ur eyes
my heart flys

when im not kissing u
im missing u
when im not holding u
im cold and alone

when im with u
nothing else matters
just you and ur smile
ur more beautiful then a thousand angels
thats desends from the heavens
ur eyes sparkle like candle lights

when i hear u laugh my heart beats
when i hear u cry my heart bleeds

when i lay near you
i wanna feel you
do it all over again

when ur tongue touches mine
my mind goes blind with excitment
and i never wanna fight it
i always will just like it

when u call me
i fall for you
all for you
i never wanna be to far from u

u r a beauty queen
that likes to tease
please please be my beauty queen
forever more
ur never a bore
ur the core of my happyness
and not the bore of my life
your more then my life
or anyones life

you are my beauty queen
u have ur own scene
ur more then a being
and im seeing it
more and more everyday
forever more

should i ask for more?
should i fight for more?
dont i like to have more?
ur no bore

my heart gets untorn
when its around a beauty quees such as your
u make my engine go rawr

i hope i stick to u
i never get sick of u
u make my heart go tick tock
u rock

im no jerk
that wants u for your looks
but for ur wonderful heart and personallitie

i know that im not a beauty king
or a fling
and im not empty like a tin or bin
this poem is fin

Im Falling Apart
like a dart to the heart
soon ill depart
it feels like im stuck in a cart
but i dont give a fuck
soon ill depart
im Breaking apart
i have no heart

my strength weakens
and the pain is at its peak
i feel like im tweakin
but my eyes are no longer awaken
but this time im not fakin
im so hot im baking

im dieing
The demons are nawing
i hear them calling my name
it feels like im in fame
but im not the one to blame

The End is near
i need a beer
but i shouldnt fear
i need to hear
thoughs angels coming from my rear
i think they are near
i hear the demons voice fall from fear
then the demons voices dissapear
i think im in the clear

soon ill have a beer in the sky
and i will fly
then ill stand by and eat a pie
and wear my tux with my tie
then ill see the jugglin duo
juggling my sins
hoping a ball wont drop like pins
not a ball has fallin in the bins
i need a drink out of those kins
Juggalos & lettes, people that are chill not all uptight and love to have a great time people that can hold a convo and not somone who just sit there and listen and try to help u out i love big hearted people im on of them so i fit in well
if u want to know me u gotta show respect toward me or ill just shut ya ass out

What i Look For in a Chick

Good sense of humor

fairly open

loves to talk

Big Hearted

loves the rain

loves to watch movies



a great smile

loves to makout

and Spontanious
Preps, hoes, Juggahos
...... let me explain what a prep is first...
A Prep
is a drama queen,a veggitarian, very anerexic, very spoiled and there mommies and daddies buy them fuckin bmws and shit WELL FUCK YOU

A Hoe
A chick that would fuck u even if she dont got feelings for you and then end up ruining ur life with drama and bullshit

A Juggaho
a person who like icp or how would they spell it twisted? <<dumb shit like that shows ur a juggaho or is somone who tried to only get props for liking icp or twizted and where a shirt EVERYDAY and try to get attention because of it.... all i wear is a hatchetman.... this chick saw it and said "since when are u a juggalo" my answer was "u know u dont got to wear shirts that has icp on it to be a juggalo" SO in conclusion
Y do people u know ignore u? do u really know if there ignoring u or not?
if u ignore me just dont talk to me simple as that


Tha Wicked Shit




*Tech N9ne

*Blaze Ya Dead Homie



*Dark Lotus


*kottonmouth kings


*Violent J

*Shaggy 2 Dope


Tha Metal Shit





Dry cell

Primer 55

Zug Izland

killswitch engage


FrEaKs Of ThE NiGhT
We DoNt DiE
wE gEt HiGh
But we DoNt diE
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