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Scorpio Harley_QOffline

Haven't you ever heard of the healing power of laughter?
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Name : Sarah
Love Status: : Dating
Age / Sex : 25 / Female
Location : Hamilton, Ontario
Member Since: : December 8, 2010
Last Online: : September 3, 2011
Profile views: : 317
updated: aug 18, 11most recent pics
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Welp, I've rejoined this site once again. Been awhile since I've been active so scrapped the old profile and decided to start anew.
I'm indescribable, Although I chose my style as "freak" it was just a random selection. I can be called many things, I'm a nerd/geek, freak, juggalette depending on the day. I also do have "normal" days too though. I dress however I want, and honestly do not care if I get stared at. I've gone in public in a casual Harley Quinn outfit I hand made, no special occasion or anything, just felt like a harley kind of day. :)
I currently have 2 tattoos (A chibi Harley Quinn on my arm and a Star with "Sisters" in it above my ankle), only piercings currently are ears and labret =(
Anything specific you want to know? well feel free to ask :)
~My kickass friends
~Doctor Who
~Batman comics/movies (minus Schumacher's)/video games/etc
~Many other comics, but no other deserve their own as much as Batman
~B horror movies (Troma automatically will = awesome)
~Zombie flicks (Best zombie movie ever will always be Retardead)
~Legend of Dragoon (Best RPG ever)
~Final Fantasy (well everything til 9)
~Wrestling (Both pro WWE and local Indy shows)
~Coffee (oh my sweet, sweet addiction)
~Random adventures with friends
~ Piercings
~Facepaint/wearing facepaint

~Stupid people
~Bitches (usually this falls under the above category though)
~Spiders (eek!)
~Some rap
~Some hiphop
~Drum n Bass
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Sexuality : Heterosexual
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Style : Freak
Drinker : Yes
Smoker : Yes
Forum posts : 6
Forum title : Out the E-womb
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