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Scorpio DublinHarpOffline

"Come what may, I'll hold fast."
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Name : n/a
Love Status: : Single
Age / Sex : 28 / Male
Location : New York
Member Since: : February 20, 2010
Last Online: : September 11, 2012
Profile views: : 214
updated: apr 15, 11most recent pics
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If you wanna get to know me just mail me. ;)

I'm a pretty active, out going guy with a love for exercise and fitness. When I'm not in classes I'm usually at the gym, or helping out with the local church. I spend night off with friends, usually enjoying a good drink and some good music.

There's quite a bit more to me than that, so if you wanna know more just message me. :P
Personal fitness
Good people
Good beer and wine
Good music
Spontaneity and adventure
Well-made cars
Helping those in need
Lots of stuff I'm sure, but who wants to make a list of stuff you hate?
Country, alternative, Christian, folk, blue grass, some rock... lots of stuff.
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Sexuality : Heterosexual
Drinker : Socially
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