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Name : Shannon
Age / Sex : 29 / Female
Location : westland, Michigan
Member Since: : February 5, 2005
Last Online: : April 23, 2006
Profile views: : 896
updated: feb 7, 06most recent pics
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hmmm yeah well what can i say.. im a fun out going person.. kinda shy at times but not all the time most of the time im usually really hyper
I like the color lime green and hot pink and of course you cant forget biting on the neck and scratching.
you really wanna know what my dislikes are then look at wicked_angels profile.. that bitch thinks she can talk shit about me and my girlfriend when she knows that i have a damn bad anger problem and i am not afriad to get put injail for beating her... so thats what i really dislike and trust me.. after you read my comments i left her.. then you'll find out how bad my anger problem is.. so yeah if you dont like anger then FUCK YOU! toodles
Music.. well thats just a dead give away.. juggalette!!!! to the fullest.. dont fuck around with the juggalo family.. ask my "father" and "brother" trio.. you dont fuck around with the juggalo family [whip]
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Sexuality : Bisexual
Ethnicity : Caucasian
Style : Freak
Drinker : Yes
Smoker : Yes
Forum posts : 0
Forum title : In the E-womb
Posts / day : n/a
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